We are an invite only community for people who are looking to accelerate their real estate investing IQ.

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Success Is Closer Than You Think


  • We assist investors by helping them make the most of their investments in the real estate market. 
  • Generate a steady stream of passive income and establish financial security and independence. 
  • Join to access the resources and education needed to enter the world of real estate.
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Mindset, Knowledge and Action


Let go of the old ideas and attitudes that hold you back. Learn how the wealthy create mindsets for financial growth.


Understand real estate theory and how to apply it to the purchase of properties.


Mindset + Knowledge = Action

Truly Grateful!

WealthGenius has allowed me to gain an exclusive insight on the newest strategies within real estate. This group has also helped with expanding my network and met other investors across North America.  Truly grateful to this program and the coaching within as it allowed me to expand my mindset and break down barriers that previously held me back from larger deals.  Can’t thank WealthGenius enough for the network, tools, and knowledge they have given me."

Mark R.

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The Power Of Multifamily Real Estate Investing


Offering the most lucrative opportunity in the real estate market, Multifamily Real Estate provides reliable cash flow, tax benefits, and more affordable financing than other investment options. 


In no time, you will be able to spot key market opportunities, implement savvy investment tactics, secure financing, and negotiate with the shrewdness of a savvy business mogul.


Many people think it’s too late to learn how the real estate market works. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth.


The WealthGenius bespoke mentoring program teaches participants that financial freedom is well within reach.

Community of Investors

Alfonso created a unique empire. By joining WG, I have learned to work with partners, which I have never experienced before. Through WG I have created great relationships with amazing people. The energy of the group is amazing. I am grateful to be part of this great community of investors!"

Cristina L.

The WealthGenius Team


Founded by the 'Godfather of Real Estate’ Alfonso Cuadra, WealthGenius is an invite-only multi-family real estate investment community. We empower our members to build a passive income that will support them throughout their lives and beyond.

Meet The Team

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EXPAND 2024 - Our biannual celebration of you, our cherished members and the reason we are Canada's number one real estate education platform!









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The WealthGenius Community


We are proud to have helped hundreds of ordinary people just like you to put their financial future in their own hands. More than willing to share their story, our community stands ready to assist you in every way possible.


Super helpful, friendly and willing to share!

“I’ve been a part of a few groups over the years now and in different places and this I always tell everybody is the best group I have ever been a part of; the people are totally different – they are really helpful, there is experience within the group and it’s grown to 600 members now.  I want to give credit to everyone in the group – they are super helpful, super friendly and willing to share, to see where you are at and if you are stuck and what they can do to help.  It is THE best group I’ve ever been a part of and I’m so grateful that I found them and I can’t wait to share more of my journey and improve on my personal development and real estate journey!"

Lee S.


We put in 3 offers in the last 3 months!

"We just recently joined WealthGenius in January are we are absolutely loving it! Not only do we have access to very knowledgeable coaches but also the Inner Circle who are very knowledgeable and just as ambitious as we are. One of the biggest reasons we joined was because we were tired of never getting anywhere with our real estate investing and so we decided to surround ourselves with like-minded people who also trying to achieve those same goals.  We're happy to say that even within the past three months that we've been here, we put in 3 offers on multifamily buildings of over 20 units each which in last year we would have been terrified to do. Right now, we feel so confident being surrounded by amazing people that I feel like the sky is the limit! 

Nada & Abdul


We love this family!

We love this family!  This is a very welcoming, supporting, warm group that provides us with coaching and mentorship. It’s a community which is like family. Between the educational masterminds, and meet ups there is so much we get out of it that we can't believe we didn't join earlier!  Family is a group of people that you love and they love you back, you hug family and they hug you back.  Friends are people who will help you overcome difficulties, who will support you, and who will guide your through the obstacles that you have on your way.  At WealthGenius, the community will share their experiences and skills to match your skills just to complete the missing part of the puzzle. We love WealthGenius – it’s a group of like-minded action takers."

Alex and Tania L.

Secure Your Financial Future

Elevate your financial portfolio with our robust platform and unparalleled community support.

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